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DENIM Products

Now a day’s buyer is expecting own design, local material, commercial design collection (season based), understand their story board/mood boat to create collection for buyer. Also expecting short lead time and competitive price… “AM de Mode” have the fashion studio and skill to support our garment factory to meet buyers demand; we will work from concept to finish sample.

WOVEN Products

We work with Leading garments company of all product category (denim, women knit of all product) as product developer and Marketing consultant. Also we have good connection with many buyers. We are not only making connection with   both parties; we add valuable service. We Digest from buyer’s story board/mood board, future trends (WGSN + others) report and make collection for buyer.

KNIT Products

We are also strongly working with textile mills to develop right fabric for trend. And select right fabric as following buyers story book/mood board.  We share future trend report to associate textile mills and develop trendy fabric through their RND team as following buyer story board and trend report. We give service to buyer and garments manufacturer to source right fabric on target price.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Understanding the company – its product and market – and the people behind the decision helps to prepare the right set of questions to ask in the meeting and proactively identify any important information. In turn, we’ll be equipped to better align and position our solution to the business drivers, the needs, and the objectives that are at the heart of the deal at hand. Furthermore, our research can uncover certain tidbits that can help you connect with our prospects in a more personable way – mutual connections, similar experiences, shared local knowledge, etc.

Apart from any initial research that may be required, the concept stage is the first piece of design work that gives a new design idea it’s form and function in a visual representation. This stage normally involves an exploration of possible options. This could be a range of many different styles and methods of operation. It could also show versions with different manufacture methods providing a range of different value designs. For example if a range of products is planned then a budget, mid value and a premium option could be designed. As with all product design stages the exact requirements and deliverables will be tailored to the project being undertaken.

Fashion designing is no longer just about art, creativity, or design. The world we live in is evolving technologically, so is the realm of fashion. Designers are now starting to leverage these technological advancements and merge them with fashion to create extraordinary work that speaks for itself.

Whether it is for a fashion line or ready-to-wear range, designers are creating ingenious designs that are pioneering as a new frontier in the world of fashion. If you dream of being the next Coco Chanel or Ralph Lauren, it’s important to break the mould and work towards refining your art and skills.

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